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Choking Hazard (Trailer)

Zombie comedy about finding the meaning of life. A philosopher as a zombie, a kids' tv show star with a shotgun, a nihilistic hero, a brain in a plastic bucket and undead woodsmen.The Halali motel is an ideal place.In the wilderness, deep in the woods; no living creature, beside the motel staff, does ever stray this way, all the year round. From the deep forest, smelling of needles, decay and blood, the zombie woodsmen emerge. With their bloody eyes, they hunt the weak. And our heroes must face them all alone, with no chances of help from outside, as they are caught in the most abandoned and remote place in the Krivoklat region.


Director: Marek Dobes | DoP: Martin Preiss,ACK


Production Format: Sony FS900 + PStechnic35mm | Screening Format: 35mm | Running Time: 90 minutes | Copyright: 2005 
Country of Production: Czech Republic | Bruto Films | Budget: $100k


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