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The Crown Prince (sizzle)

A tale about two princes, one princess and a magic potion. Prince Charles refuses to accept the fact that it´s his elder brother John who, by law and tradition, is the successor to the throne. He steals a magic potion, kept in the Forbidden Chamber, which causes that Prince John, whom he makes drink it, loses memory and disappears in the Spellbound Forest from which there´s no return. It seems that nothing stands in Charles´s way to the throne any longer, but, as often happens, things take a different turn. Though the witty and thrilling tale rests on a solid classical basis, its conception is totally modern, full of twists and gentle humour.


Director: Karel Janak | DoP: Martin Preiss,ACK


Production Format: Arri Alexa | Screening Format: HD | Running Time: 97 minutes | Copyright: 2015 
Country of Production: Czech Republic | Czech Television | Budget: approx $950 000


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