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Little Knight's Tale (sizzle)

The castle and the fortress loom defiantly in close neighbourhood, surrounded by a deep forest. A rather peaceful living is disturbed by an unexpected event. Martin from Vamberk, a virtuous knight and a caring father of five children, is denounced for witchcraft and plundering expeditions. And so he departs for the royal court to defend his honour, leaving the fortress in the hands of his eldest son Peter and his siblings. He does not have the faintest idea that the denunciation was the work of his envious, greedy and totally despicable neighbour Albrecht from Krvenos who wants nothing else but to take possession of the land. It seems the evil is close to victory. But Albrecht soon realises that outwitting a bunch of little knights is sometimes harder than defeating an army of Saracens.


Director: Karel Janak | DoP: Martin Preiss,ACK


Production Format: 2x Red One 4K | Screening Format: 35mm | Running Time: 90 minutes + 7x60min episodes| Copyright: 2010 Country of Production: Czech Republic | Czech Television | Budget: $3mil


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